Trine Dale: A new contact for TØI in the SAFER community

SAFERs collaboration with the Norwegian Institute of Transport Economics, TØI, continues. Now with a new contact: Trine Dale, research director at of the department of security, safety and behavior. Trine visited the SAFER office in the beginning of this week, and we took the opportunity to have a chat with her.

Trine Dale is fairly new at her post at TØI and in her role as a liaison between TØI and SAFER. However, she is most dedicated and set on continuing to uphold the prosperous relationship.

“The partnership with SAFER brings good connections with both research and the industry and I think it is beneficial for everyone involved.”, Trine explains.
Trine has a background in survey research and data collection methods, and she believes this could be useful in the SAFER community. She hopes to share her knowledge in the future and work towards new ways of thinking with regards to data collection and processing. Using existing data, connecting and combining them in new ways, is a method she believes in.

The coming year will be focused on leading and developing her department, as well as building networks and collaboration possibilities.
One thing is for certain: We are very happy to welcome Trine Dale to the SAFER family and hope to see her back in Gothenburg soon.

Trine Dale, Research Director, TØI
Home: Oslo, Norway
Enjoys: Traveling, Hiking and Reading
Currently reading: A crime novel


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