Two new members in SAFER Board – Peter Kronberg and Stefan Nord

We welcome two new members of SAFER Board, Peter Kronberg, Volvo Group, and Stefan Nord, RISE.

Peter Kronberg, who replaces Magnus Rilbe, is Volvo Group's global Safety director. He has the overall responsibility for keeping together the company's work with road safety from a social and sustainability perspective and works he with global traffic and vehicle safety issues.

Peter comments on his new role in SAFER Board:
“I hope to be able to contribute to the challenges we face in the transport industry and in the transport system, as well as to the most important knowledge gaps that are linked to these. For me, it is about how we create a real effect, and how the knowledge gap is linked to both subject issues and implementation matters, which have both technical and political dimensions. I also hope that through my role at the Volvo Group, I can contribute to creating opportunities for SAFER internationally and by disseminate important results to new forums that SAFER may not otherwise have had access to. Most of all, however, I look forward to taking part of SAFER's expertise and knowledge within the network”.

We also changed representative from RISE; Jan Jacobson is replaced by Stefan Nord that is Research and Business developer in measurement technology for automated transport. He is also Focus area leader for automation and safety in RISE Business and Innovation area Mobility. His core competence is in embedded systems and applied measurement technology with a focus on automation, but he is also a channel for all areas where RISE competencies link to SAFERS research platform. Stefan will continue to contribute with very high competence related to both passive safety and active safety and automation, test and demo facilities as well as material technology, human behavior, functional security, simulation and cyber security.

“For us at RISE, SAFER is a very important competence centre for research and innovation. SAFER, with its research platform, offers a unique network with many important people in the area, enabling both strategical and road map discussions, as well as concrete activities in the form of projects and research collaborations. I am very much looking forward to participate in the SAFER Board from now on”, says Stefan.

We thank Magnus Rilbe and Jan Jacobson for their commitment and their valuable contributions to SAFER's development during many years in the Board and wish Stefan and Peter good luck in their new assignments.

In photo: Peter Kronberg to the left and Stefan Nord to the right.

jan Jacobson
Jan Jacobson was thanked for his work in SAFER's Board by SAFER's director Magnus Granström at the shareholders meeting.

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