Vision Zero and the Result conference 2017 - The goal is within reach, but we must make every effort we possibly can

This was said by Maria Krafft from the Swedish Transport Administration and part of SAFER Board during today's result conference in Stockholm. It was a participant record, with over 250 dedicated road safety enthusiasts in place, when the Swedish Transport Administration presented the status report of the year.

It is now 10 years since the Vision Zero was formulated and the target to half the number of fatalaties in traffic by 2020 was set. And work is moving forward; Sweden is still one of the countries in the top regarding traffic safety. The number of deaths and severely injured fell and in 2017 the lowest number of deaths since the 40's was reported. 253 people died in traffic accidents during the year - 253 too much. Since 2013, the positive trend has stagnated and the trend indicates that the development towards the target is not going fast enough.

There are several warning signs and in some areas we are not following the plans towards the targets. These areas are speed compliance and sobriety, median barriers on roads and the number of seriously injured cyclists. It is therefore necessary for urgent action to be taken if the 2020 target is to be achieved with systematic road safety work.

Infrastructure Minister Tomas Eneroth was also present at the conference. His message was that the new legislation for the reduction of electronic devices while driving could hopefully give positive effects effects, as well as forthcoming legislation on the use of winter tires for trucks. Automated sobriety checks in ports, for example, are also measures that may have major effects after implementation.

The indicators 2017
Tomas Eneroth
Infrastructure Minister Tomas Eneroth at the conference.

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