Voi is being welcomed to SAFER!

We are pleased to welcome another new partner to SAFER, Voi Technology. Voi provides shared electric scooters in more than 70 cities in Europe and aim to collaborate with us for increased safety in the field of micromobility.

“It is very positive, and also valuable for us, that new companies in micromobility connect with us for collaboration in the traffic safety area. We see great opportunities to learn from each other and carry out research that contributes to increased safety for all users of the transport system", says Magnus Granström, SAFER's director.

One of the most interesting research matters for Voi will be the interaction of micromobility and automotive vehicles to reduce accidents. Voi also plan to contribute to the partnership by gathering and sharing naturalistic accident data from e-scooter operations.

“Voi’s naturalistic data will be valuable contributions to SAFER’s research as well as the access to customer data and opportunities for us to study road user behaviour and discuss as well as test different protection systems", Magnus explains.

The partnership can also bring valuable knowledge in new forms of mobility, that can be applied to future research on other new personal means of transport. 

Read more about Voi here: www.voiscooters.com


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