Volunteers wanted for pre-pretensioner tests!

Feb, 08 2013

A pre-pretensioner acts on the seatbelt before the collision. The idea is twofold; reducing the belt slack and offering the possibility to re-position road vehicle occupants by pulling them towards the seatback and the head restraint.

Jean-Adrien Develet's Master Thesis aims at evaluating the biofidelity of current crash test dummies (ATDs) exposed to pre-pretensioner loading in quasi-static conditions. Four size groups will be tested (small female, average female, average male and large male) in the driver's, front passenger's and rear passenger's positions.

The study is conducted at SAFER together with Autoliv and VCC, under the supervision of Mats Svensson and Anna Carlsson from Chalmers.

We are searching for volunteers between 20 and 40 years of age to participate in the study. The tests will be performed at Chalmers, Campus Johanneberg, in March 2013.

We will adapt to your schedule. Are you in? Contact: Jean-Adrien Develet, develet at student dot chalmers dot se, 0706-22 1488