We are looking for a SAFER Competence network leader for System Safety / Functional Safety

Mar, 24 2022

Would you like to sharpen and develop your competences and create a valuable network at SAFER? Are you also knowledgeable in the area of system safety? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you! We are looking for a competence network leader who wants to build and lead a network in this field of research.

System Safety is about reducing risks related to malfunctioning systems and components of various technologies, including electronics, mechanics and software. As these are the parts of a vehicle, this is a highly interdisciplinary approach connected to most other competence networks in SAFER. 

Within SAFER, there are several competence networks containing an abundance of knowledge and know-how. These networks are also key for the vital, cross-disciplinary research conducted at SAFER. The academia is at the core for each competence area, with important contributions from SAFER’s researchers. The role includes about 50-100 hours per year.

We believe that many SAFER partners have a need and would greatly benefit from keeping track of what is happening in the area of system safety. The purpose of this network would thus be to help and inspire each other, for example through:

•    sharing news, exciting new research and joint challenges that need to be addressed.
•    discuss various challenges within this area and share competence.
•    keeping track of open calls and facilitating the forming of joint research projects. 
•    inviting external experts and spreading information about interesting talks.
•    helping each other keep track of the research frontier by reading and presenting interesting research papers.

It’s a great opportunity to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and research within your field of research! Does this sound like an interesting position for you to take on? If so, please contact the SAFER secretariat or