Welcome Åsa Haglund – SAFER’s new board member

Aug, 30 2023

We are pleased to welcome Åsa Haglund as our new board member!

Åsa is Head of Volvo Cars Safety Center and has been engaged in vehicle safety, product development and innovation throughout her whole career. She has MSc in Mechanical engineering and biomechanics from Chalmers University and has also studied at Université de Technologie de Compiègne in France. Finding ways to use technology to improve peoples’ lives is of particular interest to Åsa.

”The partner perspectives and competences brought together in SAFER are both top class and unique. I’m really looking forward to joining the SAFER board and contributing to how we collaborate, pushing toward safer mobility for all”, Åsa says.

What does collaborative research mean to you?
For me, collaborative research means bringing different perspectives and competences together, building on each others’ strengths and putting the research targets above individual goals. 

If you had the opportunity to start up a new research project of any kind to help improve traffic safety, what would that be?

Keeping people safe is about offering the right support and protection when needed – but only when needed. Key to that is understanding what those needs are, and when they occur. An area we need to research further is which mental states, behaviors and expectations can place people at risk in traffic, and how we can detect them. For known risk factors, we also need to enhance our understanding of when and how to support, to minimize those risks.