AIMMIT (Automotive integration och multi modal technologies)

Project manager
Annie Rydström
2014-01-01 - 2017-03-17

New interaction technologies enable alternatives to the traditional, mostly visual-manual, modalities. A user interface that combines traditional and new modalities may be both safer and more attractive to customers. The aim is to explore the potential benefits of different multimodal HMI concepts for current and future vehicle functionality in terms of safety, customer satisfaction and competitiveness. The knowledge gained in this project will be applied in coming development of new generations of cockpit HMI that enables the driver to: perform complex secondary tasks with minimal visual distraction and a high level of user acceptance; enable an intuitive and user friendly user interface for emerging functions, like autonomous driving and advanced active safety functions.

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Project title: AIMMIT (Automotive integration och multi modal technologies)
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Road user behaviour
Volvo Car Corporation, Viktoria Swedish ICT, Semcon AB, Chalmers
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Project publications

The work aimed at developing knowledge about the possibilities to use haptic feedback to warn and / or inform the driver in different contexts. The objectives were to evaluate which applications might be suitable for a
Johan Modin, Torin Williams
Year of publication
The aim of this thesis was to tackle the areas of autonomous driving and haptics in a multimodal context. The level of autonomy was set to be applicable by the car industry within five years, but
Oskar Mikaelsson, Alexander Mitton
Year of publication
AIMMIT (Automotive integration och multi modal technologies)
Driver safety has since the birth of automobiles been paramount. In a time when technologies are changing the way people interact with the outside world, the vehicle industries need to keep up with these changes in
Viktor Swantesson, Daniel Gunnarsson
Year of publication
AIMMIT (Automotive integration och multi modal technologies)

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