Belt use by pregnant women II

1 January 2021-31 December 2023
Project manager
Anna Carlsson

Full title: Belt use by pregnant women - mapping of comfort products and testing how these work in the event of a crash   
The aim of the project is to:

  1. Survey which products are on the market, the purpose of which is to protect the stomach/fetus of pregnant car occupants.
  2. Purchase a selection of the identified products. 
  3. Investigate how these products affect the belt geometry in the car.
  4. Conduct a series of frontal crash tests to investigate the impact these products have during the crash course.

The reason why this study should be done is preliminary results from the Skyltfonden-funded survey study show that an unexpectedly large percentage (16%) of pregnant passengers use this type of product.


Short facts

Research area
Human body protection
Chalmers Industriteknik
Project type
SAFER connected project