30 November 2022-30 September 2023
Project manager
Paul Hemeren

Driver interaction with Safety Scales and Scoring Systems based on different use case scenarios (DISC)

This pre-study project is to create a basis for a traffic safety information to be used in interaction with drivers in different use case traffic situations. The central question is the potential role that safety information (safety score?) can have in interaction with car drivers. Safety information will include data from external and driver data in order to be trustfully relevant for human drivers and autonomous vehicles. The project will create a scientific survey of the basis for traffic safety information and scores and possible different reactions from different drivers based on gender and possibly age and culture.

The pre-study project will use workshops to develop the basis for use case simulations from obtained real data where the simulations can then be tested in a driving simulation environment. This will also include the role that human cognition plays in understanding different traffic situations to avoid potential limitations of computational models. The central goal of this pre-study project is to develop the scientific basis for a larger project application in FFI-Vinnova in March that will specify driver monitoring in relation to safety information. This pre-study project will also include OEMs in discussions and workshops.

Short facts

Research area
Road user behaviour
SAFER Pre-Studies Phase 5
University of Skövde
Smart Eye
Project type
SAFER Pre-study