1 January-30 September 2024
Project manager
Jonas Bärgman

The purpose of this study is to assess the feasibility of using already collected data from Event Data Recorders with video (EDR-V; also called DashCams). EDR-Vs are devices installed in vehicles (consumer or commercial) to record information in the event of crash or near crash This information includes vehicle kinematics, GPS, video of the scene and of the driver. The goal is to, after the project is completed, have gotten enough insights about EDR-V and its possibilities, constraints and limitations to decide if we can/should/want to pursue a larger project on EDR-V. If we decide that EDR-V research is feasible and deemed to have good cost/benefit potential, the project should also outline a draft proposal for next steps.

Chalmers, AB Volvo and VCC worked with EDR-V before 2015, but the research was halted for different reasons.. Opportunities with data from EDR-Vs are substantial, including, for the pre-crash phase, crash causation research, crash scenario generation and behavioral modeling (e.g., for virtual safety assessment). For in-crash research the potential include to qualitatively and quantitively be able to describe the pre-crash posture of vehicle occupants (e.g., for HBM work).  There are, however, many unanswered questions – which this project aims to answer. The traffic safety impacts are substantial: for use in the development and evaluation of different safety solutions.  

During the project we will investigate aspects of GDPR, ethics, as well as costs and accessibility of potential EDR-V data. We will also investigate what tools are available for (semi-)automatic annotation of EDR-V video – both from the external video and the cabin video.

Expected results include an report/decision document with EDR-V possibilities and constraints, for decision about a future project. If the decision is to proceed, we will try to outline a new project proposal. We further expect to create a documented process of (the potential of) working with EDR-Vs, including an inventory of software tools and/or requirements on such tools.


Short facts

Research area
SAFER Pre-Studies Phase 5
Chalmers University of Technology
Project type
SAFER Pre-study