FFI Cykel

Project manager
Tania Dukic Willstrand
2017-03-01 - 2017-12-31

FFI Cykle (Halvtidsuppdatering cykelsäkerhetsforskning) is based on the report underlying the strategic announcement 'Bicycles and other vehicles in safe and smart cooperation'. The project concerns a review of the research situation for bicycle safety research. The aim is to stimulate the number of research applications that enter the program by organizing workshops with all actors in the industry. Conclusions will be linked to the ITS-plan for VRUs drawn up in spring 2016, as well as the Swedish Transport Agency's (GNS) work on updating the Swedish cycling strategy.

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Project title: FFI Cykel
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Road user behaviour

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The aim is to boost research and innovation for safe cycling to support the restart of the Vision Zero. The project aimed to understand the reason behind why so few proposals are submitted and to contribute
Tania Dukic Willstrand

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