1 January 2024-30 November 2025
Project manager
Elena Haller

Full title: ”Here I go” – advanced functions for VRU-awareness protocols in C-ITS

Vulnerable Road User (VRU) protection is one of the cornerstones of Vision Zero. Current approaches to VRU protection consider pedestrians and cyclists role as passive (i.e., them and their actions are to be sensed, detected, and assessed), or active (when they can communicate their status with other road users). However, active approaches normally assume that VRU applications can run in mobile phones and that is not always the case.  This project has the goal of developing a functional prototype of an optimized, standard-compliant embedded system to be mounted on bicycles, scooters, powered two-wheelers, and pedestrian reflective vests that will help them communicate their status and intentions to road vehicles (connected automated vehicles, CAVs) and the infrastructure within stringent time and reliability constraints.

Key words: VRU protection, intention sharing C-ITS protocols, VRU clustering


Short facts

Research area
Systems for accident prevention and AD
Swedish Transport Administration
Halmstad University
Project type
SAFER connected project