Heterogeneous Traffic Groups Cooperative Driving Behaviours Research under Mixed Traffic Condition

19 April 2019–31 March 2022
Project manager
Jonas Jansson

This CTS project will develop new methods for evaluating the safety and traffic flow impact when autonomous vehicles mix withmanually driven vehicle. Comparisons between Swedish and Chinese road conditions will be studied, data is to be collected in China and compared with naturalistic driving data collected in Sweden and Europe. Furthermore, the project will use tools such as advancedtraffic and driving simulation for understanding these countermeasures. Dual studies setup between VTIs SIM IV and RIOHs tools will provide a unique opportunity to study similarities and differences between a Chinese and Swedish context both in terms of human behaviouras well as differences in infrastructure designs, it will also provide a excellent opportunity for knowledge exchange and research cooperation with people exchange between China and Sweden for a long term cooperation.

Short facts

Research area
Safety performance evaluation
Vinnova (+MOST) ‘China Sweden call’
Chalmers University of Technology
Volvo Cars
Volvo Group
Beijing Jingwei HiRain
Tsinghua University
Tongji University
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