Project manager
My Weidel
2022-04-10 - 2022-12-31

Bicycle studies can be dangerous to perform, new solutions may not be easily implementable in the real world, and it can be complicated to collect accurate data in an uncontrolled environment. The bicycle simulators that exist today are often fixed which means that the experience is not like cycling for real.

In combination with virtual reality (VR) it can be used for planning of bicycle infrastructure, testing dangerous situations, studying cyclists’ movements in relation to other cyclists and pedestrians, etc. Without VR it can be used to study aerodynamic effects of other vehicles on different types of cyclists in a safe and realistic way (e. g. on test tracks).
We intend to use the principle of a bicycle roller as base, such that participants can bring their personal bicycle for a familiar riding experience that is very similar to cycling on a real road.

The simulator will be based by either extending an already existing bicycle roller to the width of a cycle path (at least 200 cm) or to build a similar solution from scratch. The aim is to make it possible to steer freely on a simulated road/cycle path.

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Project title: HOW WE ROLL
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Road user behaviour

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