In The Hub

Project manager
Johan Fagerlönn
Linda Meiby
2020-04-01 - 2022-10-31


The project will generate new knowledge and new models for interaction design, as well as concrete design concepts for a set of use cases. One of the concepts will also be developed into a more production-ready prototype. The knowledge, design concepts, models and prototype developed in the project will be linked to ongoing development and provide guidance for the other Swedish automotive industries. The result can be used for implementations for in controlled connected transport systems in various forms of hubs, and in the long term in other traffic environments.

The work will focus on a set of use cases where humans will interact with trucks from different locations in a hub. Initially, a user needs analysis, as well as a survey of possible technology for interaction, will be conducted. Based on identified needs, design concepts are created for each use case. One of the concepts will then be further developed into a prototype that will be tested with potential users in a real or simulated user environment.


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Project title: In The Hub
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Road user behaviour

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