Project manager
Marco Dozza
2019-11-22 - 2022-11-22

Modelling Interaction between Cyclists an Automobiles

MICA2 will continue the work of MICA (which modeled driver behavior in the approaching phase of an overtaking maneuver, where a driver approached a cyclist from behind with oncoming traffic present (this scenario is inspired by the Euro NCAP test protocols) by looking at all phases during the overtaking maneuver, and then developing, testing and evaluating both active and passive safety systems.

MICA2 will:

  • Model driver cyclist interaction during the whole overtaking maneuver.
  • Investigate the crash causation mechanisms in cyclist overtaking.
  • Develop and evaluate the benefit of new systems for active and passive safety.
  • Leverage on virtual/augmented reality and new data types.
  • Be carried out by three PhD students (Jordanka Kovaceva and Alexander Rasch)
  • Inform automated driving and Euro NCAP
  • Provide new business ideas for ICT on bikes and communication
  • Leverage on an advisory board comprised of eminent scientists.

Toyota Motor Europe sponsors MICA2 via the DIV project.

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Project title: MICA 2
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Systems for accident prevention and AD

Project publications

Introduction: The number of cyclist fatalities makes up 3% of all fatalities globally and 7.8% in the European Union. Cars overtaking cyclists on rural roads are complex situations. Miscommunication and misunderstandings between road users may lead
Prateek Thalya
Year of publication
Overtaking cyclists is challenging for drivers because it requires a well-timed, safe interaction between the driver, the cyclist, and the oncoming traffic. Previous research has investigated this manoeuvre in different experimental environments, including naturalistic driving, naturalistic
Alexander Rasch, Christian-Nils Boda, Prateek Thalya, Tobias Aderum, Alessia Knauss, Marco Dozza
Published in
Accident Analysis & Prevention
Year of publication
The total number of road crashes in Europe is decreasing, but the number of crashes involving cyclists is not decreasing at the same rate. To help car drivers avoid or mitigate crashes while overtaking a cyclist,
Jordanka Kovaceva
Published in
Chalmers, Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Vehicle Safety
Year of publication
In the road transport system, cyclists account for a significant share of fatalities and serious injuries. Advance driver assistance systems (ADAS) that address potential crashes of passenger cars with cyclists are being developed and introduced to
Kovaceva J., Thalya P., Lubbe N., Knauss A., Dozza M.
Published in
7th International Cycling Safety Conference 2018 Barcelona, Spain
Year of publication

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