1 September 2022-31 August 2026
Project manager
Eren Erdal Aksoy

Fill title: Robust Automated Driving in Extreme Weather

ROADVIEW is an EU-funded Horizon Europe Innovation Action aiming to develop robust and cost-efficient in-vehicle perception and decision-making systems for connected and automated vehicles with enhanced performance under harsh weather conditions and different traffic scenarios.

“ROADVIEW aims to go from autonomous to snowtonomous by developing a unique approach to automated mobility, allowing more powerful and reliable onboard perception and control technologies capable of working under severe environmental conditions such as snow, rain, and fog.” Prof. Eren Aksoy, ROADVIEW coordinator

Harsh weather challenges are a severe technological barrier for automated vehicles. ROADVIEW's solutions to these challenges:

  • Adaptive sensor fusion to select the optimal cost-effective multisensory setup
  • Early sensor noise filtering to improve detection of objects and vulnerable road users
  • Inclusion of collaborative perception for increased robustness
  • Mathematically grounded sensor noise modelling to represent the variations in harsh weather characteristics and thus generate realistic synthetic sensor data
  • Acceleration of testing by simulation-assisted methods, including the development of digital twins of controlled and real-world environments


Short facts

Research area
Systems for Accident Prevention and AD
EU Horizon Europe
Halmstad University
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Project type
SAFER connected project