Skara guardian angel

Skara guardian angel

1 October 2021–30 September 2023
Project manager
Lei Chen

On-demand infrastructure services for safer, more secure, and comfortable active mobility

In the journey of mobility transformation to more active mobility such as biking and walking, a common challenge faced by all municipalities in Sweden is the long dark environment. Lack of lighting infrastructure can be a barrier that prevents people from cycling after-dark even with good cycling roads and willingness to travel with bikes. This project, taking the bicycle tracks in the Skara municipality as a test case, aims at developing innovative and economically viable solutions with drones for both lighting the bicycle roads as well as providing companion support to improve the cycling safety and comfort, thus supporting the changing of travel habit.

Short facts

Research area
Road user behaviour
University of Skövde
University of Jönköping
Municipality of Skara (external partner)
Project type
Associated project