Project manager
Cristofer Englund
2020-04-01 - 2022-03-31

Safety analysis and verification/validation of MachIne LEarning based systems (SMILE III)

The purpose of SMILE III is to further develop and demonstrate the safety-cage concept developed in previous projects. The goal is to be able to safely use ML-based functions in a safe way in safety-critical vehicle systems. The goal is also to use the safety-cage concept to understand how future safety standards affect the development and management of ML-based systems. The project will also develop an architecture for how safety cage and perception modules can interact.

The project is based on collaboration between industry, institutes and academia. The participants work closely with the project's tasks and deliverables. The ambition is that the results can be implemented in both simulation models and in miniature vehicles and show how the developed concept can ensure safe use of ML-based functions in vehicles.

The project is divided into 6 work packages. Project management, Architecture, Safety Case Strategy, Safety-cage design and optimization, Data management and V&V strategy and Autonomous platform. The project is led by RISE and each work package has a leader who drives and coordinates the work within resp. wp.


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Project title: SMILE III
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Systems for accident prevention and AD

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