1 September 2023-31 August 2024
Project manager
Tayssir Bouraffa

Full title: ViDCoM Video-based Driver Condition Monitoring for Safe Driving

The vision behind ViDCoM is dedicated to advancing road safety by focusing on the critical factor of driver condition and behavior. Through innovative applications of computer vision and signal processing, the pre-study ViDCoM aims to prepare activities and an interest group of industrial stakeholders and academic experts for systematically studying the feasibility of developing an intelligent solution for real-time monitoring of driver health, including vital signs like heart rate, respiration rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen saturation. By continuously assessing the driver's health, the vision is to provide means to potentially reduce the number of road accidents caused by driver health issues.

In the pre-study ViDCoM specific objectives include:

  • Systematically study and analyze the state-of-the-art in camera-based driver monitoring to further refine vital sign detection methods.
  • Prepare for studying the feasibility of detecting different vital signs simultaneously in a vehicle environment.
  • Explore necessary properties of a potential new and real-world dataset, including ethical and legal requirements.
  • Investigating possibilities to demonstrate a proof of concept of a smart camera-based system using synthetic data to accurately detect vital signs within a dynamic vehicle environment.
  • Supporting the setup of a consortium with academic and industrial partners for subsequent funding applications.

ViDCoM’s expected results will contribute to prepare a consortium around the systematic investigation of non-invasive monitoring techniques, utilizing cameras to capture vital signs and other relevant data. This pre-study’s design includes a comprehensive literature review, the investigation of a proof of concept based on synthetic data, and preparations for subsequent funding applications by forming a consortium and relevant and interested academic and industrial partners. Collaborative efforts involving Chalmers University of Technology, University of Gothenburg, Smart Eye, and AstaZero in a multidisciplinary approach to achieving this pre-study’s goals.
The ViDCoM project represents a step towards improving road safety, protecting lives, and strengthening the interaction between drivers and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). By monitoring driver health in real-time, ViDCoM’s preparatory activities aim to reduce accidents and enhance overall road safety.


Short facts

Research area
SAFER Pre-Studies Phase 5
Chalmers University of Technology
Smart Eye
Project type
SAFER Pre-study