Volvo Acute - Algorithm for enhanced automatic crash notification system

Volvo Acute - Algorithm for enhanced automatic crash notification system

18 September 2012–1 December 2013
Project manager
Anders Westerlund

The aim of the project is to develop algorithms estimating the likelihood that any passenger is severely injured following a crash using input from vehicle data stand-alone or in combination with additional information, so called enhanced automatic crash notification system. By adding this functionality the rescue process will be improved both with respect to efficiency and quality. In particular, the information would be useful for planning emergency dispatch, to ensure that adequate competences and resources are sent to the scene of accident as soon as possible. Moreover, it would be valuable in the field triage process, i.e. to assess the extent of a patient's injuries and decide what type and level of care that is appropriate, so that passengers with time­ critical injuries can be readily identified and given the highest level of care at a trauma center. This will save lives and mitigate injuries. Furthermore, the information would help to reduce activation of trauma teams for passengers involved in low-severity accidents, which consumes scarce hospital resources unnecessarily. The purpose is to combine available knowledge and methodology for estimating risk for injury with vehicle specific real world data for existing systems today and laboratory data adapting to modern Volvo vehicles.

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Chalmers, Volvo Car Corporation

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