Child occupant protection: Latest knowledge and future opportunities

21 September 2022 09:00–17:00
Chalmerska Huset, Södra Hamngatan 11, Göteborg, Sweden (on-site only)

SAFER invites to a whole day seminar on the latest research on child occupant protection!

About fifteen international researchers will share their state-of-art safety research, discussing future opportunities, with the target to set the future agenda for child occupant protection. We welcome everyone, and especially encourage all of you working with child occupant protection today and those of you focusing on future transportations in general, to join the seminar. 
Hosts: Lotta Jakobsson, Mats Svensson     

Moderators: Kristy Arbogast, John Bolte

On the agenda (tentative):

  • Evaluation of posture and belt fit for booster-seated children, Gretchen Baker, Ohio State University, USA
  • An update on research to identify solutions to misuse of child restraints in Australia, Julie Brown, Neura, Australia  
  • Child restraint use in Sweden, Volvia, Sweden 
  • Factors influencing kinematics and restraint in booster-seated children, Jason Forman, University of Virginia, USA 
  • Biofidelity of the large omni-directional child (LODC) ATD including comparison to pediatric shoulder motion Data, John Bolte, Ohio State University, USA
  • Rear facing child restraints, should the rebound be controlled? Suzanne Tylko, Transport Canada, Canada 
  • The support leg of the rear facing child restraint, Kristy Arbogast, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, USA
  • Are parents willing to allow their unaccompanied children to use emerging and future travel modes? Sjaan Koppel, Monash University, Australia 
  • Booster seated children in reclined seating configurations, Valentina Graci, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, USA 
  • Child safety in novel vehicle seating configurations, Katarina Bohman, Volvo Cars, Sweden 
  • Real world protection of booster-seated children, Lotta Jakobsson, Volvo Cars, Sweden
  • Discussion on child safety priorities 

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Conference tickets

  • SAFER Partners: 1000SEK
  • Non-SAFER Partners: 2000SEK

Please note that an extra fee of 100SEK will be added if you chose the invoice payment method.

Most welcome!

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