The Henry Wallman Award 2023 is awarded to SAFER associated Associate Professor Stefan Candefjord

Apr, 04 2023

The Henry Wallman Award 2023 is awarded to Associate Professor Stefan Candefjord in the research group Care@Distance at the Department of Electrical Engineering at Chalmers. With Digital Health as a tool, Stefan works with a long-term perspective to develop and improve prehospital healthcare - from detection of incident to completed prehospital mission.

Special focus is on traffic incidents, trauma care and detection of driver status, as well as in a long-term perspective obtain practical utilization of the work. With these application areas and ambitions as a starting point, the work is run in close collaboration with multidisciplinary academic research, business, healthcare and alarm organizations. Through the company Detecht AB, who's idea originated from SAFER, parts of the research have reached commercialization via an app for automatic accident detection for motorcycle drivers. This app has today been downloaded several hundred thousand times by users around the world, and in Sweden automatic connection to SOS/112 is also offered in the event of an accident.

Partners in the projects include Sahlgrenska University Hospital and Academy (trauma, neurology and ambulance), The Health Care Alarm Centre/VGR, Prehospen at the University of Borås, City of Gothenburg, Defence Medical Centre, SAFER., PICTA/Lindholmen Science Park, University of Östfold, Autoliv, Volvo Cars, Consat, InterSystems, Dedalus, MedITeQ, Camanio, Aweria, ImagineCare, Nuance and VTI. T

The prize will be awarded in connection with Vitalis, the Nordic region's leading conference and exhibition in eHealth, 22 – 25 May 2023. Further information about the price can be found here.