SAFER kicks off a new phase in collaborative research for traffic safety

Jan, 25 2024

In a celebratory gathering at Lindholmen Science Park today, our collaborative research consortium focusing on traffic safety, marked the commencement of an exciting new phase. With a commitment to reducing injuries and fatalities on the roads through collaborative research, SAFER brought together over 100 participants from the partner organisations, both physically and online, to kick-off the new phase together.

kick offDuring the event, attendees delved into SAFER's shared research agenda, emphasising the collective efforts to ensure the safety of people using the mobility system. The gathering also provided an opportunity to explore practical ways in which partners can leverage the collaborative platform for various facilitation tasks.

A highlight of the event was the introduction of SAFER's 10 working groups and their leaders, each presenting their group's focus areas and anticipated outcome. The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm as plans for the upcoming phase were unveiled. SAFER is poised and ready to navigate this new stage with purpose and passion.

For those who missed the event, a recap is available, see document attached. Additionally, if you are interested in joining a working group and contributing to this vital mission, click here (SAFER partners only).

SAFER is forging ahead with renewed energy, guiding in a phase of intensified collaboration and research to make our roads safer for everyone!