SAFER’s Research and project day successfully completed

Mar, 11 2022

About 100 researchers and other interested people joined our Team’s meeting March 11 to listen to our project presentations during SAFER's Research & Project day. The purpose of the online-event was to present some of SAFER’s main highlights and joint research achievements in 2021.

“Research at SAFER spans a broad base, covering several disciplines and encompassing both safe mobility and vehicle safety in real environments. It is inspiring to see that our projects contribute with important knowledge building and that the interest for our research is significant”, says Magnus Granström, SAFER’s director.

The activity was carried out as part of SAFER's Annual partner day, including the shareholders meeting. This year, the following 10 projects were presented:

  • ADOPTIVE - Application for Automated Design & Optimization of Vehicle Ergonomics, Erik Brolin, Uni Skövde
  • Introduction to Traffic safety footprints and project overview, Tania Dukic Willstrand, DuWill
  • VALU3S, Verification and Validation of Automated Systems’ Safety and Security, Behrooz Sangchoolie, RISE
  • AI Aware, Johan Amoruso Wennerby, Volvo Cars
  • Introduction to the SITIS research platform and overview of projects, Magnus Granström and John-Fredrik Grönvall, SAFER
  • Main results from L3Pilot, Linda Pipkorn, Chalmers / Volvo Cars
  • HiDrive - Addressing challenges towards the deployment of higher automation, John-Fredrik Grönvall, SAFER    
  • BRAVE - Bridging gaps for the adoption of Automated Vehicles, Ingrid Skogsmo, VTI
  • Heavy Automated Vehicle Operation Center (HAVOC) - Requirements and HMI design, Jonas Andersson, RISE
  • OSCCAR - Future Occupant Safety for crashes in cars, Johan Davidsson, Chalmers

You can find our project presentations from the SAFER Research & project day below.