Gothenburg Green City Zone Initiative

23 August 2022–31 March 2023
Project manager
Malin Levin

Traffic safety research needs - utilizing the Gothenburg Green City Zone Initiative (Kartläggning av behov för trafiksäkerhetsforskning:Workshop-serie genom Gothenburg Green City Zone Initiativet)

The project aims to conduct an inventory of the research need for road safety by engaging relevant actors from the society, industry, academy and research institutes in a workshop series where we use a co-creation methodology. The workshop series will generate a prioritized gross list with needs for road safety research that will contribute to the further development of sustainability in future urban environments. The Gothenburg Green City Zone Initiative (GGCZ) will be used as a framework for the project.

Project partners:

Autoliv, Business Region Göteborg, Chalmers University, City of Gothenburg, Cycleurope, DHL, Gothenburg University, Halmstad University, Johannebergs Science Park, Lund University, Next Bike, NTF Väst, Pedalink/ Cykelpoolen, RISE, SAFER, Scania, Svenska Mässan, Swedish Transport Administration, Tier app, Trivector, Voi, University of Skövde, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group, VTI,  Zenseact


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