2017-01-01 - 2019-12-31

The objective of the project is to demonstrate feasibility of CACC (Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Contro) on public roads, with trucks from Scania and Volvo at the haulage company Schenker. Furthermore, platooning (lateral and longitudinal control of trucks) will be demonstrated. The objective is to make V2V communication viable for commercial vehicles and thereby connective safety. This is the first project for cross brand communication (V2V) and applications among SAFER partners; an important enabler for connected safety.

Partners: Scania, Volvo, Royal Institute of Technology, SICS Swedish, ICT, Schenker AB, and Trafikverket

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Project title: Sweden4Platooning
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Systems for accident prevention and AD

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Background: Road trains, also called platoons, have a potential to increase efficiency of goods transportation. In road trains trucks are pulled together using wireless communication, called Vehicle2Vehicle-communication (V2V), directly between the trucks. A secure communication link
Jan Dellrud
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