SAFER on tour to TØI

On Wednesday, January 16, researchers engaged in SAFER's activities visited TØI in Oslo, Norway. The purpose of the study tour was to learn more about the SAFER partners, share knowledge and get inspiration to new projects. TØI, one of SAFER's close to 40 partners, is a national center for transport research in Norway responsible for conducting and promoting research for the benefit of society and industry. TØI also disseminate research results and help the research results to be utilized in society through collaboration. And not to be forgotten, they are in top when it comes to traffic safety in the world!

Winter day
A nice winterday with the SAFER team in Oslo!

The research groups were introduced and projects presented, the material shown is available below:

• New Thoughts on Road Safety Work by Research Engineer Per Andreas Langeland
• Driver Behaviour Models and Autonomous Vehicles by Senior Research Psychologist Truls Vaa
• Safety for Autonomous Vehicles in different stages by Chief Research  Officer Alexander Eriksson
• Improving safety in transport companies - A new approach by Senior Research Sociologist Tor Olav Nævestad
• Video analysis and conflict studies - examples from Norway by Chief Research Officer Torkel Bjørnskau


The CEO Gunnar Lindberg gave an introduction.
Interesting to learn about the traffic safety situation in Norway.


Per Andreas
Per Andreas Langeland presented his interesting research.


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