Car Passenger Protection – To the Next Level

1 November 2020–15 June 2024
Project manager
Lotta Jakobsson

CAR PASSENGER PROTECTION – To the Next Level  / Passenger Safety, part 2

Car passenger protection is complex due to the diverse population and increased car automation and shared mobility, e.g. with new seat positions, seating configurations and car usage. Passengers, not engaged in driving, have a large freedom to change postures. With the purpose to enhance protection of the diverse population in a variation of sitting postures, seat positions and seating configurations in case of a crash, the overall objective is to create new knowledge and develop assessment tools and evaluation methods for real-world seatbelt interactions for car passengers. Children from 4 years of age to old adults.


Short facts

Research area
Human body protection
Volvo Cars
Chalmers University of Technology
Project type
SAFER connected project

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